Kamis, 05 Mei 2016

Infolinks Review Scam or Legit


There are analytical and logical criteria to call any Ad network legit or scam which is its response to publishers and timely sent payments to publishers. If I am associated with AdSense as publisher and it is paying me in time without any difficulty, respond to my queries, and provide me any technical support then it is absurd to call it fraud. Infolinks claimed to be world’s second best Ad network with millions of people associated with it and thousand dollars payments sent to to them each day. 

As far as concern of criteria to be approved on infolinks is very easy and there CPM rate is also good.They pay through Paypal, and Payoneer and their technical team is always easily available to respond to any queries any time and they have minimum time of responding to publishers which is very high in case of AdSense. Infolinks update publishers on number of organic traffic received and cpm rate with number of impressions. They are not fraud because only few people claimed fraud on online forums that was noticed by support team of infolinks and there issue was resolved in best possible manner.

I personally knew many bloggers who were rejected by AdSense but now making huge money with this ad network. It is also secondary source of income to make money with Blogger along with other Ad networks. When I made hundred dollars on infolinks then my payment was timely sent to my Paypal account. The ad network is growing rapidly with time and there are many options available including text based ads, banner ads, image ads and they are automatically integrated into website by installing Blogger or Word press widget. If I have 4,000 impressions and cpm rate of 2.5$ then I will make two dollars and good publishers usually get 5,000 impressions easily. There are many popular news, blog, entertainment, forums, video streaming websites of Pakistan that are making money with Infolinks along Google AdSense.
Review Scam or Legit

There are few cases where there was negligence or error of Infolinks was reported about paying to publishers but when support team was consulted issue was get resolved so calling it scam on basis of few assumptions and exceptions is miss leading the newbies because they  see Infolinks as source of money and also inspiration because AdSense has very strict criteria about accepting new publishers. They have also adopted many new features and tools to facilitate in 2014. Forums including Black Hat World, Digital Forums, Scam Adviser, Site Scam Checker all give clean chit to Infolinks about its legit status. It is not only alternative to AdSense but people who receive impressions instead of clicks and have not many enough visitors per day adopt this network as primary source of income and without any confusion I will recall Infolinks as 100% legit website which pay.

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