Kamis, 05 Mei 2016

How to Earn Money from Shorte st monetizing your links


Shorten links chose the link you want to shorten it, and shorten link through the Shorte.st, and then copy and published in forums and networking sites such as Facebook and twitter
You will earn money when a visitor clicking the link and watch advertising

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ways to earn from short links with Shorte.st and All shorten links sites

  • You can earn by sharing interesting links and share them on facebook groups, Google plus, twitter and wherever people gathers. Try to choose an interesting source. So that you will get a higher Click Through Rate. 
  • Use the Monetization tools to make more money.
  • If you have blog or website, shorten the links you have to post using Shorte.st when someone asks for your blog or a post links, give them the shortened link. 
  • Do you have a WordPress blog? Then there is also a plugin available. Install and automate all the shortening 
  • You can also earn money through their referral system. It gives 20% commission for every referrals
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