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5 Great way to make use of Free Public domain articles


Hey are you there,Obviously you are.I am being off For a long time because i got some family problem But i am back again for people who really love me and my blog too.So Before you get started to bore below i am discussing some great way to make money with public domain images.

Today i am going to describe you some Fast and Great way to use public domain article or text to get some bucks on your pocket So you will buy you favorite things from my zazzle store.

Public domain Text are a Gold mine if you know how to use it in a right way and of course your are here to Learn the right ways.So lets start some real talk on how to make some Dollars By public domain text.

Before I start this are some great place to download Some great public domain text

1.Pack contains 2174 Articles of Acne,Alternative Medicine,Beauty.
2.This pack contains 2025 PLR articles of Cardio,Depression,Diabetes,Disease Illness,Exercise,Fitness Equipment,Hair Loss
3. Pack contains 1278 articles of Muscle Building,Nutrition,Supplements,Weight Loss
4.Pack contains 1961 Articles on Health Fitness
5.This Pack Contains 3103 Free health Fitness articles

1.Create a Membership website - The first and the easiest way to Utilize Public domain is create a membership website.In this you can put Free and Paid articles or Text which are Free to use in public domain after people buy them From you.This is great way to attract people.They come to your website Download some Free articles and For More they have to upgrade for a monthly or yearly partnership.Dont scare if people not buying your stuff you       can place advertisement on your website to get Your website make some money for free.

2.Create Books - Another Great way to use Free public domain text is to create Books.People love books because they know everything,they can tell you story,information,teach you and many more things.Just download some great poems and stories mix them rewrite them and youll find that you created a master piece.you can print them on book from online Free printing websites and sell them in their market place just be Creative.

3.Create eBooks - People love eBooks because they are free and they get really great content for a low or no price so Creating eBooks isnt a bad idea.If you have a blog on cooking you can download,Create eBooks and Freely distribute them at your website or make them premium so you get money if any one buys it.

4. Create a Ad sense website - The most traditional way to become rich(i am just joking) not rich but it will give you enough money to able to start your public domain money making campaign.Just download some free eBooks E course,articles and rearrange them Them to and make a full book Plan.Grab a domain which is simple,you can also setup free blog like me for free.Why start a blog Because blog attract lot of peoples obviously because of Daily updated content and daily update that blog for you readers.Place ad sense ads and make some cool figures.5.Sell articles - Sell articles on you website or on marketplace great way to help people and make money.

Hope you like my post if I missed anything please provide it in comments 

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