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Top Ten Ways To Promote Website Free


Thousands of people on internet have their own websites and blogs and they need lot of visitors to get revues from their website through Google AdSense and other affiliate programs. There are many legit and free ways to promote the Blogs and you can increase the number of targeted visitors by simply using these freeways.

(1): Using Proper Keywords
You should use proper keywords according to the description of your website in order to increase the page rank and popularity of your company on Google to get maximum number of visitors for your blog. E.g. your website is about the ads of real estate then you should use the keywords like real estate, real estate ads, to get maximum number of unique visitors. GOOGLE will also increase the ranking of your website if your keywords are according to type of your website description and title.

(2): Using Guest Blogging
Promote Website Free
You can also promote your website by writing a guest post on other prominent blogs. Writing for other popular blogs in your niche will help you to generate a lot of traffic for your Blog. You can include the link at the end of your guest post on other blog and it will help you to get more traffic for your website. You can search for list of popular blogs which allow guest blogging on Google.

(3): Using link Exchange Websites
You can use link exchange websites which ask you to click on their website links and in reward give number of unique hits for your blogs. You can use also these websites to register your website there free and get free visitors for free as bonus of signup.

(4):Creating High Quality Content
You can promote your website by creating high quality content. Your content should be grammatically good and use quality keywords in your content to give it place at the top of search engine pages.one page of your website should have the minimum of 200 words count.

(5): Writing Articles
You can promote your website and get hits for free by writing article for different article website like ehow and hubpages. You can write article on these websites and place link of your website in the form of backlinks. People will read your articles and they will get to your website.

(6): Using Forums And Discussion Websites
You can also promote your website by taking part in discussion on various forums. You can place link of your website in discussion posts of these discussion on forums.it will help you to get maximum number of hits for your website.

(7): Using Social Media
Social media is considered as backbone of internet and web in 21st century. You can share posts of your website on social media sites. People will follow your post and it will give you number of visitors for your Blogs. You should take part actively on social media and share your posts to promote your site on Facebook & Twitter, Google+, orbit and other social media places. You can also install the bookmark plugins of social media on your websites to increase visitors to your website.

(8): Email Marketing
You can use email marketing to promote your website. You can subscribe to many email feeds to promote your site. They will send emails to many people with the link of website included in the email.it will also increase number of unique visitors. it is also very famous method to promote free.

(9): Using Yahoo Answers
You can also promote your by using yahoo answers. You can give answers of different questions at yahoo and it will increase your rating at yahoo. You can paste your link in your answers and people will visit your links.it will give thousands of unique visitors.

(10): Using Website Submission to Web Directories
You can use different search engine submission and website submission directories to submit your link to thousands of blogs instantly. You can use several free search engine submission directories to promote and get listed to different web directories.it will increase number of targeted visitors for your website.

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