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I Make A Full Time Income Playing World Of Warcraft! Read On To Find Out How You Can Too!


It is true....I make $270-$350 per week just playing WoW. I know you think that Im crazy and that im just trying to take your money but just hear me out. I"m not trying to sell anything or promote anything to benefit myself. I dont need to do anything like that because my job consists of only playing WoW. All the hardcore WoW fans out there would probably agree that this is the opportunity of a lifetime. All Im going to do is tell you how I make a full time income playing WoW so that you have the opportunity to do the same. Read on to find out how I do it!

Do you remember the first time you played WoW? I remember mine.. I remember feeling very overwhelmed. It was like I had to take in way too much information at once. Slowly I started gaining confidence learning how to complete quests and keep leveling up. I remember that my first character took what seems like forever to get to level 80. It was months upon months of playing and playing. I remember thinking that if I could get paid hourly to play WoW that I would be rich.

Did you know that many of the quests in WoW are designed to slow you down? Its true, a lot of quests have been put in designed to slow players down while leveling. These quests take longer to complete and offer less xp than the normal ones at that particular level. The longer you play the more money the game makes.

It is because of this that you are able to auction your level 80 characters off to the highest bidder.

There are thousands of people every day exchanging WoW accounts. WoW players all over the world are purchasing pre leveled accounts. Newbies that dont want to waste time leveling or that are overwhelmed with everything that WoW has put in front of them. Veteran players that want to immediately start a new class in an end game raid. People are literally lining up to purchase your level 80 characters.

The one thing about WoW players is that we are all committed to one thing and one thing only...and thats WoW. Thats what makes the market so good.

This Is How It Works!

Step #1 - If you have a WoW account which Im assuming most people reading this do then skip this step. If you do not have a WoW account you will need to buy World Of Warcraft and all the expansions up to Wratch Of The Lich King in order to get to level 80.

Step #2 - Level a character to 80. Each level 80 character on your account is worth a starting bid price of $350.

Step #3(optional) - Doing end game heroics and raids for epic gear will increase the amount that the character can be auctioned for. If you feel like putting the extra work in to add value then do this step.

Step #4 - After you have your character at 80 and ready to be sold your going to erase all personal information on your account. This way the buyer wont have your info!

Step #5 - Place your account on one of the MMO Auctions sites listed below.


Virtual Barrack

Accounts Bay

Toon Storm

Buy MMO Accounts

Game Pal

Each site will handle the transaction to make sure no one gets ripped off.

Step #6 - Collect your money

You can repeat the process by creating a new WoW account using a different email address. Keep in mind that youll have to buy a new activation for the game and the expansions. It will probably cost you about $80. So you come out with a minimum profit of $270.

I know your thinking to yourself how can I make $270 a week doing this. It takes at least a couple months to level to 80. The reason i can do that is because I can level any class from 1-80 in 7 days.

I use the horde and alliance in game leveling guides from Zygor Guides. They show you what quests to pick up for max xp and what quests have intentions of slowing you down. It works for newbies and vets. Zygor Guides will show you the shortest routes possible to complete all quests with absolutely no grinding. Im not saying that it is a must to do this but it will help increase earnings substantially. Think about it!!...if you are pumping out 4 characters per month that is a profit of over $1,000 per month just playing WoW.

Visit Zygor Guides!

Thats exactly how I do it. I create a new account once a month with a profit of at least $1,000 each time. Selling 4 characters at once will attract more attention than a single character account.

Thank You for reading this article on making money playing WoW. I hope this information was useful in aiding your search for free way to make money online! If you decide to make money playing WoW enjoy your dream job. and the pile of cash that comes long with.

Mike B.

P.S. I tried a couple gold guides out and they worked very well. You will not need them if you dont want them but If you are selling a character with 40,000 gold that would definitely influence the auction bidding. The one that I have had the most success with is WoW Schools. They claim that people have made 214,000 gold while leveling with their guide but the most Ive ever made in a week of leveling was 50,000. So i see that the potential is there....maybe just a little more time involved than i have.

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