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How To Make Money On Fiverr with Writing Reviews


Last time i have posted "How To Sell Nich Research Sevices On Fiverr", Today i will share finally guiding how to make money on Fiver that is How To Make Money On Fiverr with Writing Reviews. If you have an iPhone or Android or even an Amazon account, you can cash in. Many developers and business owners are looking to increase their reputation or average rating on review sites such as the Google Play store or Amazon.com.
How To Make Money On Fiverr with Writing Reviews

If you have an iPhone and iTunes account you can still write reviews on the Google Play store. There is an Android emulator for the PC called BlueStacks. I recommend checking it out and using that so you can write both Android and Android reviews.

Besides app reviews, many users are looking for reviews for their books on Kindle or products on Amazon. Business owners are looking for reviews for their listing on Google, Trip Advisor, Yelp, Yellow Pages and more. If you know how to use proxies and create multiple accounts, you can offer more than 1 review per gig, which can help you get more orders.

Gig Title: This will vary. I would create a gig for each type of review. “write a detailed verified review of your Kindle book” “buy, review and rate your IOS and Android app” “write a review on your Google, Yelp, Yellow Pages listing” “write a detailed product or website review” “write a positive and amazing Amazon review”

Category: “Writing & Translation > Reviews”

Gig Description: Be sure to include that buyers must include the cost of their apps/books. If their book or app costs up to $4, they must purchase a gig extra or additional gig multiple to cover the cost of you purchasing their product in order to review it.

If you want, you can state that any buyers with paid apps or books must contact you first. I just did it as above where I allowed them to give me money to buy their apps/books.

If it’s a review for a listing on a site such as FourSquare or Google, be sure to include you will leave a review for any business listing site, in case you leave some out. You could also create a bullet point list of all the websites you will leave a review for. Most buyers will request a word count so I suggest offering a 100-300 word review.

Gig Gallery: This could include screenshots or samples of your work. The photo you upload as your gig picture could be like above. A picture of yourself with logos of all the products/services you can review.

Gig Video: I highly recommend using a video of yourself talking about how you will leave a detailed review for whatever you are offering. Be sure to include logos in your video, it makes a nice eye catching thumbnail. Be sure to include that the gig is exclusive to Fiverr. A lot of sellers do not have videos for these gigs. This is an opportunity to stand out in this category!

Duration: 1 day initially then no more than 2-3 days if you receive a lot of orders. Tags: “... review” ... being whatever you’re reviewing, so app, book, etc. “Kindle” “iOS” “Apple” “Android” “rating” “iPad” “listing” “business” “testimonial” “Amazon” “verified” Instructions to buyers: “Thank you for your order! Please provide a link to the that you need reviewed as well as any information you’d like for me to include in this review”

My tips for gig extras:

Express gig extra: 1 day rush for $5 works best.

I will buy your app/book for up to ...: You could also use the gig extras to cover the costs to buy the buyer’s app or book that needs reviewing. So a $5 gig extra would cover up to a $4 book/app, a $10 gig extra would cover up to an $8 book/app etc.

I will vote up every other positive review: Good for sites like Amazon. Charge $5.

I will include an additional 2 reviews: 2 more reviews for the price of one. This is good if you know how to create multiple accounts and use proxies. Charge $5.

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