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Make money with empowr Step 3



1. Why you need to motivate your network while make money with empowr?
In the step 2, you already learned how to build a large network, but how to make it works for you?
You need to motivate it.

in order to make people help you, you have to help them first.

2. How to motivate your network while make money with empowr?
- From your Home Page share (repost, comment and like) the best posts from your friends and fans.
share (like, comment, repost) a content

- From BFOs to share the best posts and bid (see how to do here), buy (see how to do here) product from them.
Share (like, comment, repost) a product

3. Using BFOs while make money with empowr.
BFOs (Biggest Fans Online) is an advance feature helps you realize who is helping you the most.
Just scroll down your mouse a little bit from any page, you will see the BFOs bar. Top 10 users that help you the most will be shown up here when they are online.


All you need to do it click on their icon, visit their Unread Stories page (actually its their profile page that contains all the contents that you have not viewed yet) and view (click to view photo, blog, feed, - play and watch video), share (like, comment, repost) all their content to return the favor to help them earn.

an example of Unread Stories page
The question is: can they see that you are helping them back? Yes, they can. If you help them the most and become their Biggest Fan Online, they can see you from BFOs bar.
How much do you need to help them in order to become their BFOs? As much as you can! empowr also provides you "Network Value Gauge" to help you quantitative how much.
Move your mouse to your BFOs profile picture, look at the gauges, you need to help them until the clockwise at the green position. But to make sure you will be shown up on their BFOs, you need to help them as much as you can until clockwise at dark green zone. 
BFOs also suggest some action to help you go GREEN with them (Share, Bid, Buy)

4. Why people do not help me but they are on my BFOs?

 Some selfish people just want you to help them but they have never helped you back (never seen them share your contents or buy something from you). They are always on your BFOs bar. How they can do that?
Its simple. They are visit your profile, if they found you share/bid product from other people, they will bid on and will be shown up on your BFOs. Some people just go around and cheat people this way.
How to deal with this kind of people: hide them from your BFOs ( they will never know you do).

5. How to get maximum benefits from BFOs?
- Always be online. Just hang your computer while you are doing another job, people will see you when they are online, too.
- You need to know when almost of your BFOs online and active on the site then share your best quality contents at this time to get maximum views or simply share your contents throughout the day.
- Develop relationship with highest Power User level to make them become your BFOs because they will help you earn more than lower levels.

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