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Jobs at Muhammad Institute of Science Technology


Jobs opportunities at (Mist) Muhammad Institute of science & technology, the institute is located just outside Mirpurkhas on Hyderabad road. This is opposite Ratanabad Railway station near main bus stand. It spreads over 40 acres owned by Muhammad Foundation Trust for its projects.

        All necessary facilities including building, gas, electricity, telephone, e-mail. Internet, transport, accommodation, food and drink spots are available. Public transport operating along Hyderabad road provides frequent and regular access to the college. The college building is more than sufficient to the requirement and has all the necessary departments, which are well equipped and fascinating. All facilities are modern and up-to the mark. Now you have chance to be the part of this vital organization,  

                                 Faculty Required for Business Administration Department
Science & Technology Jobs Mirpurkhas

Skills Required:
Excellent spoken and written English.
Complete command on Subject knowledge of commerce subjucts.
Strong verbal and written communication skills.
Required strong skills in time management to meet deadlines.
Required presentation skills to teach students through different teaching aids.
Excellent Effective interpersonal and motivational skills to work as a good team player.
Candidate must be Lively / Energetic /Enthusiastic and Pleasant Personality.
Assisting students to identify their academic values and goals, consistent with their capabilities, interests, and educational backgrounds.

Applicants are welcome to try out, candidate having master degrees with fluent English and decent grades in the selected subjects are mandatory. If you meet the above requirements, Please include the following information in your CV which you will send us: Specify the subjects you will be tutoring or any program that is equivalent. Attachment of your CV Attachment of the photocopy of the original academic grade sheet.

Send your resume at:  Muhammad Institute of science & technology Hyderabad Road, Ratanabad, Mirpurkhas, Sindh, Pakistan.  Candidate should have an experience of working cooperatively as a member of a team professionals.

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