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Adfly Tutorial what Is Adfly Secrets


Adfly Tutorial what Is Adfly Secrets

Adf.ly is a URL shortner that pays money to shorten our URLs And give you money for return thousandth visit.It is a not a scam site and you can make money with adfly. It works same like Tinyrul.Earn with adfly is a not a hard thing to do.You only need a few clicks before it done.Then just put it as a link at your article or your site and generate traffic to that article and  And earn money by displaying your link.

It accepted in all countries. They paying 20% from our referrals earning and its for lifetime and they accept not only paypal but also http://www.payoneer.com/ and http://www.payza.com/. Thats what i like about Adf.ly. Not only we can get shorten URLs service, we also can earn with Adf.ly in same time

 you can sign up for an account at Adf.ly  and earn money

Adfly Tutorial-What is adfly

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