Kamis, 26 Mei 2016

Avon Not just for women


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When you think of Avon you think of women. Women selling Avon and women buying Avon. Boy have times changed. With the economy stagnant more and more men are looking for ways to make extra money. Here comes the Avon man. Men are selling to other men in locker rooms, sports events and even in the public bathrooms. I heard about a guy in NY that hangs his books in the stalls. He said they have nothing else to read why not his Avon book. More and more men are buying Avon for themselves than ever before. With the hustle and bustle of todays world men dont have time to run all over town buying cologne, shampoo,body soap,deodorant and eye cream. Yes, I said eye cream. Believe it or not the number one selling item with men is the ANEW REVERSALIST Illuminating Eye System. Yes, men want to look younger too. Avon has partnered with celebrities like  Patrick Dempsey and  Derek Jeter  and I have to say the fragrances are comparable to Calvin Klein or  Drakkar Noir. With Avon they can make one call or order online and have their products delivered to them. Avon is not just for women anymore. Check out the large variety of items just for men. Click here for Avon items just for men.

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