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Marketing Strategy To Make Money with Blogging


This article is not for beginners but for those people who are already making money with blogging. There are lot of ways to make money with blog including Ad sense,  Amazon Affiliate Program, Chitika, Selling E books, direct advertisement and video lectures. These are conventional ways which are productive and beneficial for making huge sum of money with Blogging but in 2014 only Social Media Advertising, Online Content Marketing is required to make online Money with blogging in now days.

Good Content + Social Media Marketing + Content marketing = Successful Blog in 2014

Social Media Marketing

Make Money in 2014
Today Social Media marketing is not to tell friends about your blog but to develop an vast circle of friends and include people who are not your friends also in this circle which is actually called as fan following but it can only be effective when you are producing good enough content. You must find people who actually have interest in your blog topic, you send them your new writings, you tell them how effective you are in content writing, and integrate all social media plug-in including face book, pin it, tumbler, twitter, and linked in e.t.c.

Second step is make list of all those people on social media and grab them into your followers list and update them regularly about your writing.

Third step is to spend some money on Facebook by buying out advertisement and tracking out all twitter tweets of your favorite bloggers and keep them update about your new blogs. I can only say that interacting with people, making them friends, and them making them regular readers is all about social media attraction in 2014 which is essence of success for all blogs because organic traffic from search engines for blogs is successfully replaced by traffic from social media websites with advantage of having regular readers is key to success for Blogs in 2014.

Online Content Marketing

This is not a new terminology in blogging in 2014 but it is an older term which is enriched with new ideas to make successful blog in 2014. When you are writing an blog then you must also write an eBooks which must be full of your ideas, research, blogs, and all material you want to share with readers. Second form of content marketing is guest posting and pasting links on other blogs. When you write for other’s blog then you are actually doing marketing of your own blog an similarly is pasting advertisement of your content by sending emails to people you know and adding them to your email subscription list. There is all very popular tactic of marketing is pasting advertisement of your online content on online forums which is very useful in 2014 because many people consult online forums for good matter and blogs on various topics.

These are few methods for adopting an online strategy for successful blogging in 2014 which is social media and online content marketing.

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