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How To Learn Adfly Tutorial How To Create An Adf ly Account


 How To Create An Adf.ly Account

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AdF.ly is a URL shortening service that pays you real money when people visit your shortened URLs. If you havent started with AdF.ly, get started today!

Here is a step by step process of how to Register. It is extremely simple and very quick.

1. Click the below banner and click on the big yellow "Join" button

How To Create An Adf.ly Account
Get paid to share your links!

2. Enter your Name, Email (which becomes your User Name), Create a Password, and choose between "Link Shrinker" and "Advertiser"

3. Adf.ly will send you an email with an activation code within minutes. Make sure you check your SPAM folder to make sure the email didnt end up in there.

4. Click on the activation code and Adf.ly will confirm your account.

5. Adf.ly will send you a confirmation email with all of your pertinent information. Make sure you save this in your records just in case you forget your information.

If you do not have an AdF.ly Account, you can get one here.

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