Sabtu, 21 Mei 2016

Download Xtravo Explorer Pakistani Web Browser


Download Xtravo Explorer PAKISTANI WEB BROWSER
WEB BROWSER BY A PAKISTANI TEENAGER A 19 year old , Sheikh Imran Ahmed, has designed a web browser Xtravo Explorer Click Here For Free Download which is powered by Microsoft Internet Explorer. A statement said that the beta version of Xtravo has grabbed the attention of the Internet users within few days of its release on and has been picked up/reviewed by international software websites such as It said that the browser by the Pakistani teenager is being downloaded on a massive scale and is receiving good reviews from its users who claim it to be very user friendly. According to the users of Xtravo Explorer, even though its powered by IE shell engine, it is comparatively better in performance, offers handy options which no other browser offers to date and is faster. It offers tab browsing, image grabbing and a secure environment which blocks pop-ups and unwanted pages. Imran has just completed A level and is interested in pursuing further studies abroad. Xtravo Explorer is just a 1 MB download, and does require the .NET Framework. It can be downloaded from: HEADPHONES MAY HINDER PACEMAKERS Headphones used with pacemakers. A pacemaker sends electrical impulses to the heart to speed up or slow cardiac rhythm. The magnet, however, could make it deliver a signal no matter what the heart rate is, possibly leading to palpitations or arrhythmia. 

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