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How To Make Adfly Tutorial adf ly Plugin Script For Wordpress


adf.ly Plugin Script For Wordpress

This plugin inserts the website entry script from adf.ly into your blog or website. With it you can earn money with each visitor of your page.

Download Adf.ly plugin for Wordpress.
Download Adf.ly  plugin for Wordpress .

Go to Admin -> Plugins -> Add New -> Upload and upload `adfly_integration.zip`
Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress
Go to Admin -> Settings -> AdFly Integration Settings and enable the integration by checking the Integration Enabled checkbox
Follow the instructions on the screen in order to configure the plugin
Press Update Settings button

Adf.ly plugin script for Wordpress

If you do not have an AdF.ly Account, you can get one here.

adf.ly Plugin Script For Wordpress
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