Rabu, 04 Mei 2016

Future of Blogging in Pakistan After Disabled Adsense


Recently Google disabled 90% publisher account in Pakistan What will be the Future of blogging in Pakistan after disabled adsense why? In the Pakistan mostly of peoples are just blogging for just earning money by Adsense now what is the next after 90% of people disabled by Google Adsense now what will be the next? Is this end of blogging? My answered is yes.
Pakistan Disabled Adsense

Why Google disabled Pakistani publisher?
Mostly of people don’t have any original matter they just copying and past the copyrighted martial on there blog.
They click here own adds or ask people for click on there ads like in a Facebook you will find Adsense clicker they exchange click through Google search engine that’s way Google failed to recognize who is guilty. That’s way Google penalties to all bloggers. So finely I suggest people to please stop blogging if you don’t have the original matter and don’t waste your time in blogging.                   

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