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Staars com pk Success Through Staars


Staars.com.pk Success Through Staars
Staars.com.pk  Success Through Staars According to the most recent survey and research, there are around 100,000 NGOs working in Pakistan. Staars inactivity ratio is 53%. However; 94% are Local NGOs (LNGOs) which embrace a huge portfolio in terms of employment to Pakistan’s young and very enthusiastic development professionals and individuals who have a charisma to set new horizons of success every day. Unfortunately, the way these professionals are being coped, that is no way a road to the success of an individual; some of the superficial reasons show that such professionals are being given either no or limited attention with reference to their own career growth and vision to life.

Staars Key findings tell us that Factors include but are not limited to; only Staars trainings those too are very limited in scope and task specific, absence of career counseling. Lack of mentoring, proper training and development, guidance, awareness in young professionals (what they can explore and expedite), material to read and conceptualize the ideas, motivation, approach to career concepts, vision and leadership, and Lack of inter and intra personal skills are the standing causes behind such disappointing state.

Under the Staar, DevCon is offering two fellowship packages with least investment for young and mid career development professionals. Starting from Resume generation to succession in horizontal (same level & different capacities) and vertical (different levels in same or different capacities) movement of career path and growth. see detail on Staars.com.pk  Success Through Staars.

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