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Quick Dry Nail Tricks and Are They Dry Yet Test


How often do you smudge your nails before the polish dries? Id guesstimate that eight out of every 10 times. Here are her top four DIY tips that have been keeping me and my digits smudge-free for going on six weeks now (without having to use one of those "quick dry" polishes that never seem to work): 

Tip 1: Allow the first coat to dry for at least five minutes before applying the second. If the first coats not completely dry, the second one makes the whole thing mushy and youll have to wait three times as long for the polish to harden. 

Tip 2: Use a quick-dry spray. I love NAIL EXPERTS Liquid Freeze Quick Dry Spray from Avon. It reduces drying time by nearly half and, unlike many others, is in a pump bottle instead of an aerosol can, so its not harmful to the ozone layer. 

Tip 3: Empty out an old bottle of clear polish, wash the brush and fill the bottle with olive oil. Apply the oil (using the brush) to freshly painted nails and it will help expedite the drying process -- and impart a nice (albeit temporary) sheen. 

Tip 4: Dip your hands into a bowl of ice water. The cold helps solidify the polish. 

I also learned a cool trick for being able to tell whether or not your nails are really and truly dry; when you suspect that they are, gently touch two nails together -- youre good to go when they pull apart without a tacky, sticky feel. 

Now that you have these tips, its time to pick your polish -- Click here.  Avon will help. 

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