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How To Make Money With Social Media Traffic On Fiverr


The previous post i have shared How to Sell SEO Services On Fiverr and Today i will explain a new other way to make money on fiverr : How to Make Money With Social Media Traffic On Fiverr You know that,A lot of people come to Fiverr looking to boost their Twitter followers or get more Facebook likes and shares on their website. You could easily take advantage of this demand by finding a supplier and outsource these jobs.
How To Make Money With Social Media Traffic On Fiverr

Using SEO Clerks again from the “SEO SERVICES” section of this category, you can find many people offering Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Vine, YouTube, and Pinterest services for as low as $1.
On the right sidebar of SEO Clerks, click Marketplace and select the category “Social Networks”. Like in How to Sell SEO Services On Fiverr , we want to sort by price and find a member who offers a service with a lot of thumbs up ratings and views. This one is a good example:
Making Money With Social Media Traffic On Fiverr

As before, you will want to test out the supplier, but with your own social media accounts or with social media accounts you control. This way you can see the quality of the followers or likes, or check the analytics of your video if it’s a YouTube service.

Gig Title: I go over this in my last post regarding this gig type, but just to go over it briefly, don’t copy your supplier’s title word for word and be sure to include as many frequently searched words as possible while keeping the title short and sweet to make it rank better on Fiverr.

Category: “Online Marketing > Social Marketing” “Online Marketing > Get Traffic” “Online Marketing > Video Marketing” for YouTube services

Gig Description: Highlight the major features of your service. Be sure to include keywords like “real, quality, safe” if you can. I wouldn’t suggest advertising your followers or subscribers as real when they’re not. It’s okay though to put “real looking” or “real quality”. I will admit advertising as real in the title and description will get you more sales. In the long run though, people will bust you if they’re clever enough. It’s better to just be honest off the bat. People can’t buy real Twitter followers but they can get really good looking fakes. Another smart thing to include is an FAQ.

Address the common questions like “Are they real?” “Can you provide X from only Y country?” “How fast do the ollowers/subscribers/likes/whatever come?”. You will save yourself many unneeded messages in your inbox and many hours of answering questions to people who will likely not buy anyway.

Gig Gallery: Don’t steal an image that your supplier uses. Create your own, something simple, in Photoshop if you’re competent, if not pay someone on Fiverr to make you one. This is not that important though. The video is much more important. You could also put screenshots showing samples of your work. So, if you’re selling Twitter followers, take screenshots of sample accounts that you sent followers to showing Fiverr buyers what the followers look like.

Gig Video: Your video should contain a logo in the corner of the screen of the logo of the social media site you’re providing a service for. So whether it’s a video of yourself or a video of a female spokesperson you paid, it’s important to have so that when Fiverr users see the thumbnail of your gig, they will see either a Twitter logo or YouTube logo next to you in your thumbnail, catching their eye. Other than this, follow instructions and tips in the previous post to ensure your video is optimized for conversions.

Duration: If your supplier has an average delivery date of 3 days, you should use 4. This provides a nice buffer. This will give you 5 days to complete the order since Fiverr gives you an additional 24 hours when your gig is late.

Tags: Remember to include the complete tag. So, if your gig is YouTube views, the keyword should be “YouTube views” not “YouTube”, “Views”. Also include other keywords many users search for when looking for social media services and social signals: real, quality, fast, followers, safe, SEO, etc. Remember to include relevant keywords to catch people who are making relevant searches. So, if you’re selling YouTube views, also include the keywords “Likes” “Subscribers” even if you’re not providing those as gig extras.

Instructions to buyers:
Whatever your supplier asks from you, you should ask the same thing from Fiverr users.

My tips for gig extras:
Express gig extra: 
It depends how fast your supplier can deliver the gig or if your supplier offers an extra to have the order processed faster.

If you sell Twitter followers, use Retweets or Favorites as a gig extra. If you sell Instagram Likes, use Instagram followers. If you sell YouTube views, sell subscribers as a gig extra.

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