Minggu, 08 Mei 2016

Beauty on a Budget


I was checking out the beauty pages on Aol and saw Avons eyeshadow quads, But wait, Its not Avons eyeshadow quad Its Eyeshadow Quad from Chanels holiday collection. Looks the same to me so I had to compare the price. Im in shock! Chanels eyeshadow quad is $56.00 compared to Avons quad at $5.99 (on sale now). I have never tried Chanels eyeshadow, probably because I cant afford it but I doubt it has magic qualities that make it worth me spending $56.00. Thats what I love about Avon. Their products are high quality and affordable. In the campaign 23 book you can get the 24K gold eyeshadow quad for $5.99, saving you 25%. I think Ill buy two.  Click here to order.

Avon 24K eyeshadow quad
Chenels eyeshadow quad $56.00

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