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Increase your affiliate product income with public domain images


Affiliate marketing

The simplest way to describe affiliate marketing is that You get paid whenever you promote someone business and succeed in it.
This can be a product or signup or filling out surveys it can be anything but when visitor click on link provided by business owner to you and do an action you get rewarded.For example there is three ads placed 

WWW.PLREBOOKCLUB.When you click on image link will take you to vendor website where if you buy anything and signup for any program they pay me a small amount of money.
I think from this example the affiliate marketing concept is clear to you.

You know what is affiliate marketing the next step is where and how to make money with affiliate marketing.
What you need
To succeed with affiliate marketing you have to collect and create some important things listed below.
  1. website
  2. Blog
  3. Some useful information or content
  4. unique ideas
  5. Traffic
  6. Potential customer
  7. Give some free products

Website or Blog

You want a place to advertise your affiliate links and product.Website and blogs are the best way to do this and also many affiliate networks want at least one publisher website.A website can help you to build trust upon your customer and give them a pull over to come back and same thing happens with blog.You can also use different articles sites to do this like Squidoo,hubpages and more.You can checkout this post Use weebly to setup a free public domain images website
Or to choose a niche for your public domain images website

Useful content and information

People comes to your website in search of information and useful content giving the right kind of information to them is a great way to get regular users to your website.You can use public domain images for this purpose, giving them web graphics that is free to use,modify even commercial I guaranteed you can generate a lot of respect and thanks letter to your inbox

Unique ideas

Give them some unique,give them something that is not available easily on the web,Create your ideas and give them for free to your users,Giving them free public domain images which are ready to use even commercially is a excellent way to do this you can also setup a blog on making money with public domain images and give them unique ideas to do this like me


After setuping a website You has to take it to next level.Next level is generating traffic you remember or not but this blog post can help you Generating traffic from public domain images

Free products

You can add a bonus to your affiliate products For example you want to advertise a product that contains a bunch of world war poster or a product that is related to Making money online You can use public domain images and ideas to add a free
Bonus to this product

For making money product use can collect a bunch of articles related to making money with public domain images and give away for free or for world war you can offer free public domain world war poster images

This are some of my valuable tips for you.Affiliate marketing can result in passive income if you do it right.Thank you

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