Minggu, 13 Maret 2016

You Can Make 50 Per Day With Custom Pinterest Automation


How can you make money on Pinterest ? yes its posible. Today i will help you find out the best way to make money from Pinterest. 
make money on pinterest

Anyway, started a couple months ago with Pinterest with the help of my good friends. 1 of them made a nice Pinterest iMacros script (follows, repins, likes, comments). Long story short, I got some accounts banned, some are still alive, made mistakes, a little wiser now, still a lot of learning ahead of me. Ive started a long-term freelance project couple days ago, that will be my main source of income to spend on stuff like VPS, proxies or any other expense. It will also eat a lot of my free time, so I wont be able to dedicate as much time/energy/focus as Id want to on this Pinterest project. Therefore the growth will probably be somewhat slower than Id want it to be.
Build up dozens, hundreds of Pinterest accounts, have them pin my own stuff 24/7 on autopilot for me, make money with Adsense/Amazon/affiliate.
  • Accounts: 10 accounts
  • Followers count: ~50k followers combined
  • Proxies: 10 dedicated private proxies - $20/month
  • VPS: No VPS yet, will buy asap to avoid destroying my laptop
  • Website: 1 food/recipes blog with ~1000 posts. Semi-unique & auto-generated, automation = custom-made. Content and information quality is something like 5/10. I link back to source (recipe) sites on each post. Overall site quality is very low atm. 
How To Do That ?:
First, I find a nice looking profile with 20+ boards. I clone it with iMacros script. After the script finishes cloning the profile, I search for some random female profile on Pinterest with decent follower count. I follow 500-1000 of her followers - this is done by another very simple iMacros script. From that I get 50-100 followbacks usually. After that, I follow my own followers followers using a bit more complicated iMacros script. This results in 25-35% followback rate as of now.
Once accounts hit 40k following, I start mass unfollowing by using, well, guess XD.
Im not trying to build niche specific accounts(will help you make more money on Pinterest). Im casting a wide net to see what works and what fits my current setup the most. However, I do plan on switching to niche accounts eventually, especially if I dont reach my short-term income goals.
  • Buy VPS.
  • Spend some time on a website, make it look really good to avoid reports and bans from angry mamacitas.
  • I have a script that pins my own stuff. It requires some work to further minimize risks of bans.
  • I have to optimize the profile cloning script a bit cuz it cant fully clone huge boards and it doesnt skip group boards. 
  • 8k-10k followers on all 7 accounts Im currently growing.
  • Things will move slowly at the beginning, but I hope Ill hit $2/day at least.
  • Create 1 more website in a different niche with ~1000 posts.
  • Improve my content automation method significantly, possibly even hire cheaper writers if the automation fails to produce good content. 
Current expenses: $20/month
Current earnings: ~$15/month


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