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Simple Method to Make Thousands of With Clickbank From A Website Off Page SEO


Off Page SEO
So Ive already covered this in another article just going to reference you guys to it  everything you need to know youll find there! *SEO Article* As you can see below my SEO worked and it worked easy I spent less than an hour working on this pages SEO so it just goes to show you how easy it is to rank these websites.
My Rankings For "Far From It"
•    Text links are still great I just chose not to use them because I thought they might have made it a little bit more difficult to rank and the original purpose was to win the competition.

 My Rankings For "Far From It Review"
Heres another product I found.The product is called Clickbank Pirate so the keywords I was targeting were "Clickbank Pirate" and "Clickbank Pirate Review"I created the page promoting it just 6 days ago as you can see below.
Sorry for the micro image it was hard to make it fit. It was published on November Now lets check on my rankings for the terms
My Rankings For "Clickbank Pirate"

 My Rankings For "Clickbank Pirate Review" 
The Results
Thefirst example I showed you guys earns me a whopping $200 a month. Okay so its not $10,000 hell its not even $1,000 but look at it this way.

I only spent 1 hour creating and doing SEO for the page. Count another 30 minutes finding the product 1 hour and 30 minutes bring me an extra $2,000 a year.

If I do this with ten pages thats only 15 hours of work and it equals out to $20,000 a year.

Thats a ridiculous $1333.00 an hour IT SCALES SO DAMN EASY anyone can do it and it MAKES so much money if you scale it.
Good luck for you !!
Please thank you me when you get $$ from my method

This is my income in 2012

For Simple Method to Make Thousands of $$ With Clickbank From A Website - On Page SEO

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