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How To Get Free Com Net Org Domain


Every one internet want top level domain to start online business, eCommerce website, Blog, Social Media Website, News Website and needs to purchase domain from Internet. Name is very important and its address by which users recognize your internet presence but top level name like .com, .net, .org, .biz is very important because Google and other search engines do not give any value to free name like .tk. Google also has removed all from their search results. Important ingredient of search engine optimization for any website but it is expensive deal to register domain from godaddy which charge lot of money for it. Many people also search on internet but they did not get top level domains free on internet. I will tell you complete method of getting free top level domain without paying each single penny.

Write Review at Whoishostingthis.com

Whoishostingthis.com is website which allows you to get free domain, free six month wordpress hosting, free
top level name
hosting coupons of many websites. You just have to click on win a free domain tab on top of main page and you will be directed towards writing review page. You have to select website about which you want to write review and there are around 70+ websites including bluehost, dreamhost, hostgator and many other website. Your review must be of good quality sharing your experience about that website in terms of its server speed, support support, control panel, font installing. If you are not aware of hosting websites then you can also get help from review websites on internet and just write in your own words. After some days when your review will be accepted and you will receive email with free coupon of your free name then you are half done with winning on this website.

How to Claim Your Website

You claim your free top level name by opening domain.com and enter hosting coupon in billing section after selecting your name by writing name in search. If your domain is available then enter free hosting coupon which was emailed by whoishostingthis.com to you via email address you provided while writing a review. Domain.com will authenticate your hosting coupon and will bill you 0$ and you will be eligible for your free domain. When you will all done then they will send your domain control panel user login and password via email. You can now use your top level free domain for any purpose you want. Pakilancer.net was successfully registered provided by domain.com by writing review for whoishostingthis.com which is exclusive rocking offer because any one on internet does not provide but whoishostingthis.com is providing you free domain which is limited offer because it is sponsored by hosting website about which you write review on their website. It is very simple process and it will take only three days and you will need to pay nothing for becoming owner for your top level .com, .net, .org domain on domain.com

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