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You Need of Quick Cash This Method Will Be For You


Now I know for many of you, theres this urge to want to earn money, but the lack of "know-how" prevents you. Well, free of charge, I will help you guys out. Please dont send me any PMs about this, because Ill cover the method in full detail, so if you have a question (after reading this), then chances are, you need to continue reading other threads at blackhatworld.com, before youre ready. Im not trying to be mean, but Id rather be honest with you, than virtually earn your money for you. So with that said, this is me teaching you to fish.

Okay, so the first thing youre going to need is a product. In your browsers address bar, type: clickbank.com
Register an account if you dont already have one. This is imperative (extremely important).
Registered your account? Great!
Now enter the following URL into your address bar: clickbank.com/advancedMarketplaceSearch.htm
Are you there? Great!
-=Hold on... give me a moment to get logged in, myself=-
Okay, Im logged in, too!
So lets say we want to sell a product that teaches people how to play poker.
In the Marketplace, type (into the box labeled, "Enter Keywords"): poker
Set your results to 50 (if you want).
Okay, the first result I saw that looks appealing, is "Kickass Secrets to...[blahblahblah]" (youll see it(or others)). It doesnt matter which one you choose. Just choose one of them. Again, it doesnt have to be poker. It could be ANYTHING.
Anyway, when you find the item you want, click on the button that says, "PROMOTE". A new window should pop up for you. You may or may not want to use a tracking ID. Its up to you. Im not about to use one for this tutorial, so Ill just click on the button that says, "CREATE".
Now, if youve done everything correctly, you should have an ugly link like http://allfdkja3h5k46j4g6s436d4363fkja5h35gas.hop.clickba nk.net
Okay, COPY THAT LINK TO YOUR CLIPBOARD (CTRL + C) and save it in a notepad document or something. Meaning, dont forget what it is.

***/Now at this point, you can cloak the link, make your own squeeze page with a CPM Ad, etc... But thats not the purpose of this tutorial. Again, please dont PM me about this, because Im incredibly busy launching my new company right now & studying the hell out of XRumer. Ill let it be known when I have more spare time on my hands. Sorry for any inconvenience.***

What were going to do now is go to the following site: http://bit.ly (so we can shorten our link and get rid of the ugliness of it) Sign up for their service if you want. Its free and you can earn money from using their services.
Theres also http://*******.com and several, several others. Pick one site to do this at. So now you have your shortened link, which should look something like: http://bit.ly/wAtEvR Keep this link. Okay, so now we have just a few more steps... Id urge you to come up with a few nice phrases (though I find freestyling works MUCH BETTER!) If I were to come up with a few nice phrases, Id come up with (Im not putting much effort into this, because I just want you to get the idea): - I wanted to learn how to play poker, too! I went to http://bit.ly/wAtEvR and learned how to play just as good as the PROs!!! Check it out! - OMG!! Dude, if you are serious about wanting to learn to play poker, you should go to http://bit.ly/wAtEvR - LOL! I sucked at poker so bad!! I went to http://bit.ly/wAtEvR and learned ALL the rules, and how to bluff the hell out people!! I HARDLY EVER LOSE NOW!!
Anyway, you get the point... But like I said, freestyling works better! What I mean by this, is each message is personal. This requires more effort, but youll most likely gain many more sales, as the ENTIRE campaign is made up of COMPLETELY TARGETED TRAFFIC!!! So its pretty much a no-brainer that this works. So how do we do it? Simple, buy my eBook for only $27.99 from the link at the bottom of this post. JUST KIDDING haha Okay, so now Im going to go to G and type in: realtime twitter search engine (this doesnt only work for twitter, btw) A site named: monitter.com is first on the list, so well go here. Try them all out if youd like. Why not?? Anyway, so were at monitter.com now... On the top-left of their site, theres a box saying, "Tweets containing": In that box, I may type several things, such as: - poker - learn to play poker - learn poker - etc etc etc... I typed in: learn to play poker After about 10 seconds, I got a shitload of results!!! These are all VERY TARGETED TRAFFIC!!! Now I have a choice... I can either use one of my preset messages, OR I can personalize each one. Now go to twitter.com and paste an @theirUserName message that contains your preset or personalized message, that includes your http://bit.ly/wAtEvR link. If this has been done successfully, you may just happen to receive several, several commissions from this method! Dont get stuck on poker! Learn to play golf, guitar, piano, keyboard, create music, fish, trade stock, or whatever the hell else people are interested in! Dont get stuck on clickbank! Open your mind to Amazon, porn, other affiliate networks, etc...

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