Jumat, 11 Maret 2016

Shorte st Tutorial The monetization tools help you to increase earnings


The monetization tools help you to increase earnings

Shorte.st gives you  many tools to help you make money In the following lines you will know these tools

  • Developers API
Simple JSON API for more advanced users. With API you can shorten links without placing any scripts on your website.

  • Full Page Script
This script will monetize your external links, thus making them profitable. Easy to use- copy and paste.

  • Social Share Widget
Have viral content that is shared all over the web? This tool will monetize every share your users make.

  • Bounce Rate Monetization
Have high bounce rate? Make use of this. This script will turn your bounce rate into profit.

  • WordPress Plugin
Do you have a WordPress Blog? Then be ready to automate the link-shortening using this plugin.

  • Mass Shrinker
Want to shorten more than one link at a time? This tool is for that purpose. Mass shrinker will let you shrink up to 20 links at a time.

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